addison lee

company i work off has just been taken over by addison lee soon as youi say there name every one is ooooooo addison lee:unsure:, why? are they that bad is it time to look for a new job

They have a bit of a rep with bikers, and their love of trying to knock us off lol

dont know what they are like to work for though, hope its safer :stuck_out_tongue:

They are amongst the worst drivers on London roads. Absolute arse ****. I had one the other night tailgating and flashing because I was doing thirty in a thirty on a stretch of road with fixed and regular mobile camera patrols.

He then over took on a bend and nearly crashed into an on coming car. Then half mile up the road he was trying to do a three point turn in the middle of middle because it would appear he’d missed his turning.

Shambolic driving standards and dickhead drivers.

Also ask Tiggi as well about her hit and run. IIRC that was an Addison Lee vehicle.

Fixed-price = must go fast to get more customers in.

I know few drivers and they are very good! (all of them bikers too)
The company is ripping them off so much so they have to be quick to make a living :angry:

addison lee have the worst drivers, either they drive like manics to hunt every biker down, or embarrassingly slow and block everyone .

Yeah they are bloody awful

Actually earlier on today I was working on my sister’s (crashed) motor parked on the front drive. The old man moved his car onto the street to make a bit of room to get the jack in etc

So an hour or two later I’ve got my head under the car and I hear a loud bang and screech on the street right outside! :w00t: I went out expecting to see my dad’s wing mirror all over the road, but I instead see some guy picking up bits of his offside mirror up off the tarmac. You guessed it, Addison Lee. A woman gets out her car and it looks like they’ve got too close and caught each other. The Addy Lee driver then starts yelling at this poor woman about how it was her fault what was she doing he was on his side of the road etc etc. There was no way he could’ve been on his side cos he would have been out on the opposite lane driving round my dad’s car!
So the twat has come down a narrow road, probably speeding knowing those drivers, barged onto the other side of the road to get round a parked car and caught an oncoming vehicle whom he should have yielded to!

Never know though, they might be a great bunch of people to work for…

I love using Addison Lee and use them 3-4 times a week. £37.80 a time. £10 cheaper than a black cab and they get there not only twice as quick but you get free water also. :smiley: And yes they drive like ‘solo practice’ but that gets me there quick.:D:D:D:D:D


they are the biggest bunch of cvnts on the road.

i will be surprised if they have licences.

I was on the Mall this week waiting at a red light to turn left into Marlborough Road. An Addison Lee wagon coming from Admiralty Arch tried to turn right into Marlborough Road but got it completely wrong and smashed into the brightly lit bollard in the middle of the road. The passenger got out the Galaxy and was none too happy but to make things worst there as a police transit sitting next to me waiting to go straight on and they saw the whole thing. It was surreal as the whole thing seemed to happen in slow motion and I could hardly believe he could have hit such an obvious obstruction. There’s now a pool of oil and a load of sand in the road to mark the spot.

They are, as my mate would say, “fully paid up members of the cvnt club” :slight_smile:

I have worked for them on the bike side, but is was about 22years ago so not much help. :smiley:

My employer has a contract with them so I have been a passenger and seen the appalling behaviour from inside the cab. Ignoring street signs, ignoring red lights, constantly playing with the mobile phone whilst driving. I have also as a biker seen them do things like stop and get out an attempt to assault a cyclist or simply turning right at a busy junction and thereby blocking the lane by waiting for a clear gap to turn.

next time m8 film him.

They pay peanuts so the drivers are mostly immigrants or people that can’t get any other type of job, I doubt some even have British driving licenses!

Even the Addi Lee motorcyclists seem arse.

Addison Lee bikes are okay of course

…don’t get me started on the Galaxy van drivers though…:crazy:

Oooh ouch.
No guessing by your user your a cabbie then, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

Was a London black cabbie for 10 years till Livingston got in power, fooked it right up, doubled the amount of black cab drivers in 6 months, The last night I worked I did 10 hours and made £70!

I’m now have a contract doing property maintenance for a housing association and loving it.