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How many times do I have to tell you-when I ask if my bum looks big in this, the answer is no!

“I told you before, no ****ing wheelies”

No, I dont want to make a You Tube video!

Ducati, aware of their electrical gremlins test out their new rev limiter

dont keep farting

Trust you!

Bugger, that bit wasn’t supposed to come off when you pull it… anyone got some duct tape? (Ginge?)

Nah, so far the farting one wins…but is it me, or how big is her crash helmet compared to his??? Big ead or what??? Should be “does my HEAD look big in this” !!

Get it right your my B*tch

**** ******* **** **** *********** **** ****!!!

When you said it was big ,red and italian i thought it was a ferrari .

that’s what all ducati riders need …or to stay in!

“In bed with MY twin sister??? How dare you???”