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mmmmmmm oh man love the sausages!!

Woah, one tequilla too many… why is the floor moving?

oh god i think im going to snezzzze.

Hehe, nice one Sincere! We had Kai round our place last night. The hairy bugger.

ahhhh he’s just soooo lovely. I think he should be the LB mascot!!

How about:

“That smell wasn’t me - it was the dude holdin me chain”

“it’s puff puff pass”

Well…what is it they say about dogs and their owners?

It cant be true the dogs mouth is closed

hmmm if i meditate hard enough maybe she will let go


We are NOT amused…

So cute…

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…silent but violent!!!

You talking about my farts?