I was so gutted I missed the last one!

I’m meant to be camping this coming weekend with the bikes. Hmmmm, decisions, decisions…

shakeaway in either bournemouth, brighton!! dunno one of the furthest ones away!! not a close one like reading or kingston!!

i’ll have a word with terry when i get back and we will sort it!!!

lusty! where are you supposed to be camping???

Poole actually! So maybe I can do both! Meet you guys down there and ride back up with you

That’s obviously if you do Bournemouth!

oooh poole!!!

where abouts?? stundland bay/sandbanks???

that is a possibility!! i’ll have to speak to terry!! and it would mean starting the ride with a motorway blast to get down to the decent roads!!

If that doesn’t work properly go to directions

From W5 to BH1 1BB (shakaway’s bournemouth) 100 miles - it says 3hrs 19 at the speed limit!!


Oi you chose the route last time…

Fink Newmarket direction, And we could do High Beech enroute

So get working on it Rambo

could be up for this…

hey im up for this,as long as its dry though, first ride on my new bike!!!

Be nice to see you Paul You can be corner man

well!! just got home!! looks like were gonna be heading in the newmarket direction!! you even bought a map yet terry???

its amazing the amount of organization that goes into our rideouts!!

Map ? who needs a map…I gota fookin tom tom

We’ll make it up as we go

Welcome home mate

Welcome back

If you spent as much time on the routes as you do on listing who can’t go it would be a great ride

right thats it!!! no pillions!!!

Sorry Gina

Here we go again!!

Debz, do you mean when the rideout post’s are put up there only for people to say there coming. Surely some of em on here would only have half there post’s

So are u and Mr Grim coming ?

They can’t - adam just said no pillion’s!!!

Why aren’t you doing some work??

We don’t want to say we are coming then let you down, all talk no action like some We know you couldn’t take the disappointment

High Beech would be good for us to meet you - if we were coming

Was just in the office, got to go now…so its no pillions & no ex sevicemen