adam and terry are planning a rideout on sunday!!!

this will be a fast and furious ride!!! no small bikes!!

if intersted please pm me or terry for details!!!

start time will be at 1030.AM at the ace sharp!!! so fuel up before you get there!! no excuses please

destination to be decided but we are looking at about 200 miles (round trip) give or take a few!!!

so let the race begin!!! yehaaaa

the list is as follows!!

1.adam h

2 terry-moto

3.fireblade paul
5. shewolf
8.sean077410 xchristine
9.grim x debs

where we going???

im not telling u babe its a suprise!!!XXX

Fort you sorted out the route

what is this one gonna get cancelled as well

what are you on about ginge???

the last one went ahead!! and abroad trip isnt until august???

Debz give Adam a hand looking at a map again, he`s lost on page 1.

i will be up for it.

just pm you gina

are wheelies aloud?

yes to that hun!!!

mr terry-moto is at a meeting and mr adam h is away on a mission so go through the pa(thats me)lollollol

im up for this next week!!

its a fast ride you sure youre up for that

well terry and bens ride out got cancelled you sure this isnt going to happen tyo you

add me please

I’m off to sunny Weyyyullllllllllllls for some twisties and huuuuuuuuuuuge cows, not to mention the random sheep they scatter in bikers’ paths just for laughs. Now just to dig my baffle out…

Can you do another ride the week after? q

theres a difference ginger between a fast ride and riding like a twat, thats why you dont have your licence at the mo…

BRAINWAVE!!! if the weather is hot/nice then we need to go to a SHAKEAWAY!!!

put “shakeaway” into google!! these milkshakes are THE best ever!!

Terry! get on it!! get the route done!!

just cos u cant come ginge!! are u geting a resentment!!hehehe

Which one - there’s 9 of them!!!

At least Westie can and has a ride Ginge!!!