Adam H on one wheel

Friday nights ride home from London, and Adam decides to perfect his wheelie technique!!!

Gina could do better than that on the DNA.

yeah id like to see you try on the scooter


How was it filmed?

i was using my camera at 40 mph one handed!!

that takes the Biscuit

run smiled run.

whoa whoa whoa!!! i aint been to no wheelie school!!! i’m learning!!! see no one taking the piddle out of the stoppies though eh!!!(see them ones at the ace on friday!!!) after saturdays blast out the wheelies are coming along very nicely!!! thanks to tug for taking gina pillion for the day!!


I`ve never tried a wheelie before on a geared bike or scooter.

neither has ginger!!! so dunno why he is gobbing off!!!

cos its ginger and thats all he knows how to do!!!

and hes most proberbly a bit enveious of my hunni

gina xx

Ginge has problems balancing on 2 wheels let alone on 1.