Adam and Terry's Trip Abroad!!!!!!

MEET 1000h @ The ACE, fuelled up ready to go! on the 18th.

Please make sure you have your

Driving licence (both parts)
V5 (or a copy of it)
Breakdown cover
Copy of insurance docs

we will bimble down to folkestone and they might put us on a earlier train!

The dates 18th ---- 27th august.

BOOK YOUR EUROTUNNEL FOR 18TH AUG–1440, 27TH AUG–0950 61 quid total for the tunnel

alrighty then!!

CALAIS – PITHIVIERS (first camp) approx 8km away from ORLEANS

PITHIVIERS – BRIVE LA-GAILLARDE (second camp) just south of TULLE

BRIVE LA-GAILLARDE – FOIX (third camp) last night in france on the outward journey.

FOIX – ANDORRA LA VELLA (through the pyrenees)

Our final destination in SPAIN will be PENIS-COLA. (because Gina liked the name of it )

we will organise the return journey while we are here! hopefully it will include travelling via the MILLAU BRIDGE thingy!


We have e-mailed this place and will be spending our final night here before returning to ENGLAND

There will be some motorways involved so there wont be any learners allowed or the i cant go over 70mph gang either!!!

so if u wish to join us on our little adventure then put your name down or pm me ect!!!

this trip is all about having fun and excitement!! not rush rush rush!!!
we will be back in england on the 27th aug!!!

list so far!!

adam h



colin frith


GRimbusa and Debz will be meeting us on the 21st. they are booked for return on the same day.

Twostrokesliveson, will be with us for the crossing and the first day,
then travelling toward the millau bridge thingy (on his C90)

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