Adam and Terry's last minute Camp!!!!



I’M in pretty much all afternoon so if you wanna put your tent up then you can!

PM me for the address

wot about ho*da riders, u forgot them :slight_smile: Early nite ? fort we was avin a rave… wot time we leavin

dunno yet!!

*******s…workin sat night…


I’m hoping to get to Goose’s at some point. I’ll call ya when I know what time I might make it there

And Adam, I know all those exclusions are so that you and Terry can be alone together. Tug will kill you for taking his b*tch. You jusrt wait until he’s fully recovered

tugs coming

Camp site is not in kent!! but we will still be heading over to gooses on the sunday!!

we will now be kipping nr uxbridge!! in my garden!!

saturday night will be drinky poos and the like and just having a general laugh!! there is plenty of secure bike parking! and plenty of room for tents if you wish to stay!!

ooh i could come over saturday night on me scooter!!!

your more than welcome!!

or even if people just fancy a brew after a ride then you are also more than welcome!!

dont ya mean adam and terry are camp

Don’t forget ya wets

rubbish… off my feet and off the bike at the moment this month is turning into a real turd.

Hope you all have a great nite 2nite. Sorry can’t be there but an old pall coming to see me and we’ve got a big one planned.

Hopefully there be plenty more over the next few months.

just like to say big thanks to adam gina and skater boy.for a great night out,

was brill night. bit wet but all good

Here here!! And you look good in them civvies Onslow

haha, it was easy all we had to do was give tug one glass and he was fine for the night!!!

p ss of