Acwell Clocks...

Ok, so the lads have been around all weekend trying to fit these damn clocks! The clocks are now fitted, the rev counter and everything else is working fine. But the speedometer is reading either 0 or max, nowhere in between. Does anbody know what the problem could be? Has anybody fitted one of these before?

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated, as we have run out of idea’s… :stuck_out_tongue:

It has been fitted to a CBR600FW 1998 model.


RR :smiley:

sorry, can’t give you any clues but I’ve fitted them and think they are crap

Have now been told that the speedo only works on a few Kawasaki models.

I’ll just have to fit the sensor unit that came with it.

Fuggit! :stuck_out_tongue: