Acumen Gear Indicator

I am looking at fitting a gear indicator to my 2001 r6 but when you read up about the Acumen Indicator it says that it works with all bikes that have digital speedo and tacho.

Well mine has a digital speedo but not tacho. Will this still be ok on mine???

yes mate it will be fine, dont be fooled by the clock display

Nice one. Thanks Pal

Or you could just know what gear you’re in depending on the speed and revs you are doing… having said that, in france recently I was totally screwed having changed my display to km/h

Ha Ha funny P**k.

It could also be said that if you had a decent bike…

Oh no, dehydrated spunk bubble!

Tacho is your rev counter, your bike has one??? dont pay to have it fitted, they are a piece of piss to do