Acumen DGV - has anyone else had problems?

I have had a DGV which is a combined gear indicator and voltmeter on the bike for the past 2.5 years. During this time I have always had probelsm with batteries going flat and I am now on my 5th battery in just under 3 years. I got my dealer to investigate in case there was an earth leak and it seems that the DGV is responsible - drawing 17ma of current. Now it is disconnected battery is fine. Acumen don’t sell this product any more which suggests it has been problematical.

Has anyone else had this problem and have you had any success is getting redress from Acumen?. I put a message in their Contact Us box but have had no reply. I have now got a dud indicator on the dash, covering the hole for the cable. If they offered to exchange it for a gear indicator at least I would have that functionality and something to cover the hole.

Yep - you’ve nailed it. My DGV had a drain and when we eventually identified it they tested all the stock and found the same issue!

It look a while to located as my alarm was on the same feed and that was the natural suspect.

They offered to mod a loom for me so that it ran off ignition live instead of perm live … or a battery charger but I just got a full refund.

This was all identified and resolved back in Jan 2011.

Thanks Scotty

They have offered to rewire mine and I am going to give it a try as I like having a gear indicator - and a refund would leave me with a hole in my dash!

I was tempted to do the same…but found I 'd got used to the bike and didn’t need GI. I also found the the voltage display and my voltmeters all varied from each by so much it really didn’t tel me much…but I can see why you went that way :wink: