Action shot

Yeah Im the big beggar on a little gixer…wave

we did a 500 k ride into the mountains, bears, all kinds of animals, at the side of the roads, beutiful day, last week in alberta

It is a beautiful place, drove all around Alberta the year before last. Off to Nova Scotia and then on to Montreal in a couple of weeks

Been al over the States but not done Canada yet … really want to, thanks for the pics mate. Bet that was great.

Mmmmm, dry sweeping roads and no cars in sight - IF ONLY!

Great snaps, looks stunning there. If I close my eyes, I can imagine being there! Damn, need to get a holiday…

Heres the rest of the pictures.

He there…great pictures…!!!, are you travelling canada or are you based somewhere? as I may be coming out to Van city soon

So you going to Nova Scotia!!! are you going to be in Halifax…? If you are, you are going to have a great time…beer, pizza and music!!! For the beer, may I recommend the ‘Old Triangle’, irish pub, good selection of beer and quite often a gathering of musicians playing ‘didly didly’ stuff and for music blues, rock style, go to Bearley’s, it it just next door to the YHA hostel. The Fort there is also a great day out…

Montrealas well, well you’ll love the culture there, it definatley is a nice place to be, some good art galleries there, and if the sun is shinning, talk a walk on the promenade…most definately a place to be and watch the world gently bounce by!!

Are you flying or riding there!?!?!?

I am soo jealous!!! I am looking to move there in a couple of years time!!

safe riding!!!

Great roads. I vote for an LB rideout in your manor

lets do that one day eh mate?

i went to alberta with the army and its great especialy edmonton and if u ever been to wainwright ul understand y its wrong to have sex with family

Hey misty you are not wrong there, I was up there for a year.

Strange folk indeed.

Riding there?!?! I dreed to think how many tank fulls that would be on a buell (not to mention the fact I would be completley deaf by the time i arive!)

My mums Canadian, so we are of to my cousins wedding in qubec but having an explore in N.S for a couple of weeks before hand, seen right across canada then

May well move out there for a couple of years at some point - i already have the passport

Bit busy this year of to portugal next week, back for a few days then off to canada, back for a month and off to greece. 'Tis a hard life

Thats a well nice place

More action.

I Want to go to canada

Good work mate, bike looks great! And the rest, hehehe…