Acoustic cameras

I guess these are likely to be pretty unpopular with a few people on here…

I saw that and thought of bikes.

I suspect it will be years before they are operational. I would imagine like people who challenge radar traps by questioning the calibration of the radar gun, there will be many similar challenges to the first tickets issued. It will probably take a long time before the courts accept a particular workflow.


I wonder how they will exclude background noise or other vehicles.

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Can we have a Daily Mail camera to fine all those that read that particular brand of BS?


I would imagine they’d use an array of directional microphones pointed along each lane, closely listening to a very specific corridor where the vehicle would travel down, and then use digital signal processing to eliminate non-vehicle noise.

If the aim is to drive away the ridiculous cans from certain roads, you wouldn’t need to prosecute - just issue a producer to each violation - I imagine most people would grow tired of having to traipse to the MOT garage and would just leave the baffles in or avoid that stretch of road.

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Looks like a few people have been getting letters in the Sloane Street area
"The cameras were activated more than 130 times in the first 11 days since being switched on "

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