Achtung - Spitfeuer!!!

And where are the machine guns?!


Zey are an after Market option Tommy! Und your piddly little 303’s and no match for our 20mm kannon!

All you need is the Airfix sticker and Dancbr600 will have found his ideal bike…

No point talking to me about 303s and 20mm whatnots, I’m in the Irish Air Corps, and we don’t even have planes!!

Yes but the 0.303 Browning machine guns where prefered to the 20mm cannon because the cannons kept jamming

3 patterns of wing were introduced-

A- eight 0.303 Browning machine guns B- two 20mm cannon, and four Browning machine guns C- either four cannon or either of the other combinations.Ian

I like that,hmmmm maybe for my next project lol…




Just what I need for my Euro Tour this year… bombing down the german autobahns…

i honestly really like that, i would have never thought of is as a paint scheme but now i see it… im in love