Achim the German...Shcmitt...........................!!!!!!!!


heh, seen that one already, pissed myself laughing first time I saw it, because it’s quite like that over there indeed :w00t:


My fave commercial ever…

Vot are you sinking about? Genius!

Schmidt don’t let Shane get to you, he’s just an English bug and ve vill crush him under our veels of steel! :slight_smile:

He can’t reach that high anyway, physically, mentally, etc… English bug indeed :smiley:

classic lool

That was brilliant.

Awesome clip!


Schmidt, “Eastern”.


My new employers!

You’d love it Shane, it’s all American English :doze: :wink:

Very funny video :slight_smile:

It reminded me of covering a court case when I was a trainee reporter. The German accused couldn’t speak a word of English and gestured that his friend in the public benches would translate for him.

The friend stepped down to the dock and when asked to translate a question to the accused, he enunciated: “Vot … ees … your … name?”

The court dissolved into laughter.