Aches and Pains

This may help I am going to try it as my Firestorm does make me ache, hope it helps.

To paraphrase:-

Sit putting pressure on your legs/feet try and adopt the position of a silverback Gorilla, ie putting a curve in your back at the same time pushing your chest out as though showing off a boob job! Do not lock your arms.

There I have just saved you all 15 minutes of overblown Americanese :slight_smile:

Thank goodness this is the short version.

Funny you should bring this up as I went out on my Gixxer yesterday, conscious of not putting weight on the bars, making my palms/wrists ache and not riding with locked/straight arms, I seem to have developed a different kind of ache…in my shoulders and neck…right across the tops of my shoulders and my neck is now very stiff…or at least was yesterday evening/night… :pinch:

Any idea what I did wrong, or is this initially a consequence of getting my riding position more correct and in time my body will get used to it and it will stop happening?

It’s down to not riding enough, your body has taken up the lazy winter posture :P:D


yep, get a stiff neck. Need a helmet which has a visor which goes higher up the forehead!

Oi you cheeky wotsits!! :stuck_out_tongue:

My palms ache sometimes after a lot of riding, I try not to put my whole weight on my arms but they still take a fair amount of weight. Also my knees hurt today. I did ride for about 10 hours today though, had to fill up the bike twice heh, so I can understand the knee ache.

On the ride home this evening I took to resting my elbow on the tank and riding in a gear that didn’t require me to use the clutch, was a nice position to ride in I felt quite comfortable.

Yep I’ve had that, especially my clutch hand which eventually leads to the tendons in my hand seizing up! It’s a direct effect of putting too much weight on the bars, transferring the pressure from your wrist to your palm…

Ideally you want to be supporting your whole upper body with your core, as in your abs/stomach muscles, that way your not leaning or putting pressure on the bars, which makes for better/smoother control allowing the bike to flow and react to the road beneath it.

no but i will do by the weekend :slight_smile:

I got home the other night and my hands actually felt strange, like a pins and needles light, if that makes any sense. Was quite disconcerting.

I do know what you mean about using the core to hold yourself, but I rode for 10 hours today, was bound to relax on to my arms at some point.

The good thing about riding a Gixxer though, you can spend most of your time hanging on for dear life as the bike accelerates underneath you, which means your weight is on your finger tips as they cling helplessly to the handlebars. :cool:

My Mrs is a.


Sciatica,Trapped Nerves,Sprains,Strians,

Back,Neck&Shoulder Pains,

Indian Head Massage,

If you want to give it a try, PM me and i will give you her number to book appiontment.

after Massage she will give you a good Stretch and you will definitely feel like a NEW PERSON


I learned this from a friend. Can help take the weight off. For long rides I tend to shift weight between legs/hands. This gives a third option.Also relax. The shoulder/neck ache is a sign of tension. B.

I only suffer neck strain from the wind blast and aching cheeks from the grin factor :smiley:

Ange has got a point of sorts. It’s not abnormal to feel aches and pains after a longer ride, especially after a long winter off the bike. Your muscles lose memory and it will take a while for you to build that strength back up again. Wouldn’t be a bad thing to start doing some basic fitness stuff, and also to start building the core muscles up which will provide stability and balance.

The man to see is Alex ‘Durex’ Gold (I liked this one best:D). He’s a genie eye when it comes to things like this. If we’re doing some advertising then I’ll advertise myself as a fully qualified sports massage therapist if people are feeling aches and pains!

Reglar streching will help you all in a big way :smiley:

Every morning before you ride if you can,

I could be an expert on this subject soon. :smiley:

after injuring my back last year I did sit ups n push ups to stretch my back before I did South of france worked a treat, if you not been riding much you will get aches n pains :slight_smile:

I found this when I got a different bike. takes a lot of getting used to but it’s helping work some tone back into my belly :slight_smile: