ACF50 on Special at Nippy Normans

I picked up 2 cans and 1 tube of Grease for £27 the other day.

worth a look,

You choose the postage, I picked Stickers I think and it cost me £1.50 :wink: every little helps.

£3 more you coulda had the litre bottle , just without the lube / grease !

Its a good price either way and great stuff

Just bought me a twin pack!!! A little late, but better late than never!!

lol dont be like me and go “ohhh 2 cans lets spray it EVERYWHERE”

There was a fair amount of smoke coming over the VFR tonight driving home from work.

Also I dont know how but my wing mirrors arenot as clear as they once where HOWEVER, they are free from rust:pinch: