ACF application

Does ACF spray like WD40? I’ve got a can and it dribbles out. Seems very messy to me.

How do you apply it?

The last time I applied ACF50 I sprayed a load in a glass jar and used a paint bush to cover the bike rather than spraying everything. Also less likely to to get it on the brakes.

Wonder if the propellant in the can has gone?

It should have propellant, if you bought the aerosol can.

You can also buy it as a liquid and it comes with a spray bottle, which is cheaper too (but you have to buy 5l at a time)

Kev, I suspect you’re right. Had it for a few months and only tried it today. I brushed a bit on but I’d already gone mad with GT85.

I’ll use it more next time.

Boris, it’s an aerosol. Am hoping to still have a bike in spring rather than a pile of rust.

It’s common practise to sit it in hot water before use. It thins it and I guess increases the pressure. Works well. I’m quite liberal with it … which means when I set off on the first ride I look like a Red Arrrow’s plane with a smoke trail. You won’t forget the smell as it burns off! :grinning:


Very addictive as well

I love the smell of ACF in the morning


Sounds like a problem with the can. When I’ve used it in the past I sprayed it the day I bought it and it should spray out in a thick stream like a can of WD-40 or Isopropyl Alcohol does.

After you’ve sprayed it everywhere fire up the bike then take a deep breath, inhaling as much of the steaming cloud of gas as possible and then pick yourself off the floor. Bonus points for spraying it then getting on the bike and riding off while it’s still smoking everywhere. If a friendly motorist tells you your bike is on fire you’ve done it right.

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