I do it on the street. :smiley: Usually once in a while because I have next to no space to do it.

But yeah for that level of work you would be much better with someone who has more experience. Although I wouldn’t be scared of getting your hands mucky. Luckily you havent got many plastics to take off. If you do decide to do it on your own you should be fine with just a haynes manual.

When the NC30 is stripped to the frame, I’ll want to borrow that ACF from you ricco!

op being a pikey and buy yer own!:stuck_out_tongue:

Bugger off! That **** is expensive so for a tiny frame like the NC30’s its not worth buying a whole bottle!!

think of it as an investment :slight_smile:

Sorry Ally , I dont do it on a commercial basis Im afraid.

Quite a few people do - Allyearbiker as above will give you your closest person.

just bought a can, and as its to cold and i’m too lazy i’m paying to get the bike washed in car park and will apply this and lube before i ride home :wink:

Anyone interested in come to an AllYearBiker party at mine?!! Think we need about 4 bikes to make it worth their while coming to us ( I live on the Southbank and will provide nibbles) - will post it on a separate thread, to see if I can generate interest. Just under £60 per bike for full clean and treatment that is supposed to last 12 months.

Otherwise they are doing an event at a pub in Guildford on the 11th & 12th November, which I will definitely go to - anyone fancy coming along?

Ally I’m in for that :-)…

Yeah they use it on jets but they get really cold not really hot right? I don’t know maybe it just smokes as some part of the chemical heats up but the protectant stays on…

Columbo give me a shout when you’ve got your NC30 stripped back to the frame… Might be worth giving it a fresh coat of lacquer and I now have the facilities for doing so.

i use rain away on the hole bike, wash it 1, 3 times a month,