So guys, what do we think of the bike acf50 treatments all over? Does anyone have any experience? im concerned my new tiger will start looking really tatty after 12 months if used untreated throughout the winter?

I can use the scotoiler spray fs365, but feel that an overall treatment would be good.

I have a set up here at home and have used it on all my bikes. Makes alot of difference if you intend to ride over the winter. I clean and cover the bikes before they get laid up also.

I was speaking to “fury biker” about this on Sunday, he wants to get his bike done but in order for them to come to you you need to book multiple bikes… Otherwise you have to ride to them, I guess if a few people wanted to you could get it done at the tea hut/ cafe…

yeah i guess so, well i think i could get to them, im not laying my bikes up, i will be riding all year round.

i washed my hornet twice last winter, one at the start one at the end.

the first wash is as normal, then once its all dry i ACF-50 all metal parts bar the disc’s tyres wheels and paintwork, i do the engine, pipes, calipers ( spray onto a rag and be carefull only need a tiny bit) fork legs, swingarm, rear shock, bars, etc

works well for me, bikes nearly 7 years old and hardly any corrosion at all.

and it gets used everyday, all year.

ACF 50 works for me too, when I bought the beast second hand it looked worse than an under 2 year old bike should but after a couple of washes and acf applications she looked much much better. And I use the ACF on my 600 which is being used all year round, I apply it everywhere, wheels, plastics, screen, handlebars, forks, seals, nuts, bolts, pipes and the sides of the chain while keeping it lubed constantly (little but often :smiley: ), caliper bolts, avoiding brake pads, discs and tyres.

just be ready for the smoke when you start the bike after applying the ACF! :smiley:

I buy the cans and do it at home - the smoke is fun when you start it up. Obviously keep it off the brakes and tyres. However, the stuff does the job, the Ducati hasn’t tried corroding on me yet!

Westie, you’re not doing a good job of advertising the bikes you sell if you don’t reckon it’ll last the winter! :D:P

My KTM is gonna get the ACF50 treatment this Saturday. can’t afford to get it done so I’ll be applying myself. Fairings off and spray then wipe, following the little goes a long way approach.

Will be lubing all accessible moving parts with it too, except the chain, brakes and discs obviously.

Everything else metal gets a coating, painted or not.

Makes it all easier to clean.

Surely there’s no point in applying it to the areas that get hot as the ACF 50 just burns off as soon as you start the bike up…

The Blurb says that it was designed for use by the US air force on jet engines, so i’m guessing not. Otherwise what’s the point?

I will re-apply to the particularly prone parts, downpipes etc, after every second clean. Largely cause I can’t be arsed doing to every time.

I know the Triumphs build quality are very good, but like anything, lack of washing in the winter can result in a shoddy looking machine in no time, and the amount of mileage i do throughout the year doesnt help.

I will have a go myself i think this weekend

I’ll do it today, as long as it doesn’t rain… :smiley:

the ACF i use never smokes…

and if you put it on oaintwork its makes it a little sticky, and you end up with paintwork covered in a dusty shitty film.

I think i`ll just use normal zymol wax on the paintwork and acf50 everything else.

Praise to Ratty46 boss again @ HG Gants Hill, (+ shes fit in a funny sort of way) always gives her honest opion, even if it means not getting a sale, I asked if they stocked ACF-50. They dont stock ACF-50 but said it is the best but they do have cheaper products to get me out off a jam but ACF50 is the Best.

so looks like i’m going to buy some ACF50 from somewhere… Any place selling it cheap?

I use it on all my plastics and then wipe the excess off. As Ratty says it does attract bit of dust but washes straight off on the next wash.

How much do you charge?! :smiley:

Ally i have loads of ACF50… since i’m so local to you just tell me when you need some… can either come round for a quick spray up or i can go to you. :slight_smile:

That is REALLY kind of you Ric and I really appreciate the offer, but I was kind of hoping for the kind of service whereby someone(else!) washes the bike, take the fairings off, wash the bits you can’t see, covers up the brakes, tires, metal paintwork etc, applys the ACF50, puts another wax treatment on the plastics, puts the fairings back on then charges me a fair price to do so. Lazy yes, also not ideal environment to carry out this work (underground shared carpark), no experience of taking fairings off and anxious about accidently spraying the stuff on my brakes and then dying quite soon after!!

J.C. sounded like he might do this…for a fee…! Or anyone else…?