ACF-50 and washing

After so many days of crap weather decided it’s almost time for a (amybe not very thorough) ACF-50 treatment. Before I used FS-365 after each wash, reapplying the stuff every time I washed the bike (quite frequently in winter).

I searched through the old topics but still haven’t got a firm idea on what’s the best practice for ACF-50: apply and leave over winter/not wash, or wash once in a while and reapply, or wash frequently and reapply.

In particular, I want to protect the engine and exhaust pipes, but considering a complete coverage later.

I use ACF-50 on my GSXR, I wash and dry the bike and then spray the acf50 over all metal components, frame, buts/bolts etc (bar the brakes etc obviously) Infact I spray it pretty much over the whole bike, speedo, rev counter, yokes, switches the lot (not the grips or the seat tho!) brings it all up nice & shiny & it makes the next wash a lot quicker as the dirt sticks to the acf50 and not the bike so the dirt with warm soapy water just slides off - works well on the wheels too. No rust or corroded bits on my bike and I use it everyday, all through winter :slight_smile:

I don’t wash the bike that often, especially in winter. The ACF-50 gets applied about twice a year, after a good wash & dry, and keeps everythign in excellent condition!