Ace's Closed ?

Well according to Google Earth it looks like it was on this day :slight_smile:



I was a lil bored so I made a puzzle see if you CAN SPOT THE SIX DIFFERENCES



My bike’s not there! Wow, Google must have massively increased the resolution of their images, this is amazing quality! Most of London used to just be a blur when you got up close, I was really dissapointed, so stopped using it.

Maybe this was a Ducati day, i.e. they all broke down before they got there?

LOL Jay.


Truck on slip road

Cars in Ace carpark

Car on road outside Ace.


You missed my fav and the best difference

the roundabout is gone also


Five differences sorry guys Five not Six

I’ve got;

Car changed position in Ace car park
Lorry on Sliproad at the bottom
Roundabout taken away
Car outside on road now on the other side
Car outside on road changed colour also? guess


how did you find that?? can you look at any place???

i wona see my house

come on tell, tell

444 - Lee there you go

Its google Earth

Download the free version, I don’t know if you can see every part of a certain area though. It may not Zoom as much as other areas


ye sorry forgot to post, i found it.

is it just me or are they really old pic’s??? does anyone know when it was done??

Jay - on GE the brown patches (fnrr) are the detailed areas - most cities for instance. Most is still too blurry to see anything like this detail. Presumably it depends if NASA or someone has a hi-res sat photo rig floating about with nothing to do…?

jay wrote: Maybe this was a Ducati day, i.e. they all broke down before they got there?

hahaha - jay that was brill.

I’m glad someone got that, Marco!

well is it old pic’s??? looked at loads of place’s i know and it looks like its about 4 years ago to me

I changed the roof of the ace, that was the last difference [ Game over ]