Acemon - Happy 50th birthday bro'!

Acemon - Whappen breddrin. You is da mon.  Me say enjoy yourself and maximum respect, ai’ight!!!

Happy Birthday Martin you Old Git

Happy birthday ol’ man. Here’s to at least a few more :wink:


What’s on the birthday boy’s agenda today to celebrate?

Happy birthday Martin, enjoy it.

Happy Birthday Martin, have a great day whatever you get up to! Xx

Happy birthday Martin, many happy returns! :slight_smile:

Happy birthday fella :slight_smile:

Thank you all very much.
Leeroy - Thank you, my almost twin brother.
Sam - Ha ha.  I may be older, but I’m in great shape for an "Old Git"
Timmy - Thank you.  Yes I would like more birthdays.
Janey - Wow, a cake and three capital X’s.  Your hubby may get jealous.
Chris - Thank you.  Will do.
Stevie - Thank you.  Just a little meal out tonight, but a big meal out later
in the year.  Bummer having a birthday so close to Christmas.
Laura - Aha my favourite goth.  Thank you, gorgeous.  Yes, I do intend to survive for many more years, and return to more birthdays.  At least I think that’s what “happy returns” mean.
Jay - Ah, the boss dude.  Thank you too.

Happy Birthday Neighbour :slight_smile:

Many happy returns, Martin

Happy birthday Martin.

Happy birthday Mister!

Many Happy returns!

Happy birthday, Aceman.

Happy birth day!

Happy Birthday Martin hope you have a blinder ! 

Happy birthday!

Happy 50th birthday
Have a good one xxx

Happy Birthday Squire  !!