Aceman's new ride?

@ Aceman it’s time you tried a different brand try Yamaha or honda. The fit and finish are so much better

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Can’t help but think the design of the pipe, with the logo’d plate in the end making the gases flow around and not straight to the rear could be part of the problem here.

Either way, that sucks.

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Maybe you can find a hassle free Honda would be your friend.

I suppose it makes a change from burning a hole in your pocket.

Initial fitting of can:

Exhaust can refitted by dealership. They have moved the strap closer to the front of the can, thereby lowering it. They have also replaced the pannier, the liner bag, and will be paying for the items that were ruined inside. I think that is great customer service.


Is there a little hole in the pipe where the U bend or the closest thing to a U bend is to let water out? If so does it still work?