Might be going on my new (old) bike :smiley:

Is it your birthday again?

I’ll be going tonight! its been such a long time lets hope i can still remember how to get there :w00t::smiley:

Yeh i might come, never been to the Ace before, and the g/f is going to see Sex and the City at the flicks…perfect!

Im still deciding what to do… Ace, or Sex and the city … hmmmmmmmm

You can always come to Ace and I can give you some sex in the city later…

hahaha it must be summer…welcome back mate :slight_smile:

Ill be there around 9ish

Hmmmm well i guess so… i might even make some muffins too :smiley:

I guess i will be there about 9ish

Unfortunately it’s only once a month :wink:

Ooooh you filthy minx :laugh:

:DMate, I’ll even join you for an evening rideout…Well if the bike doesn’t cut out :w00t:

What do you guys meet? Ill feel a right tit asking everyone i see if there LB’ers not to mention ill probably either get a smack round the chops or end up behind the bike sheds with 5 hairy bikers. (and not in a good way!)

I would like to come. what time will you guys be there? I am very rubbish introduce myself to people and hopefully I remember you Afro or more importantly you remember me I guess.

dont look like i’ll be going, clutch cable has snapped and i cant find the old one :frowning:

Will be there too to meet some new LBers…

Would like to come too but I have never met any of you guys. :w00t: How will I recognise any of you? Can someone volunteer their phone number by PM so I can find you?

Look out for a chinese guy with a 99 blue R1 and that would be me.

Good night at the Ace tonight, who was that fella on the noisy SV thou wheelie-in up and down?!:);):smiley: