whos going:)dont want to hear why your not going:w00t:

I am going :smiley:

I’m going just to see if you turn up Tug LOL

I’m going to the Lebanese first, be there at 7pm if anyone fancies joining me, yum yum!!!

Sounds good to me - please pm me where it is again as not managed to get there yet. Is there car and van parking? :wink:

see you all there:D:w00t::smiley:

Plenty of parking outside, see ya there :slight_smile:

The Lebanese Station, 26-28 Standard Road, NW10

might pop along to ace… depending on weather (long way to south london from there)

Cheers love - see ya Friday :cool:

I hope to be out this Friday - it’s been ages since I was out on a Friday, I might even be on the bike :w00t:

i’ll be there after 8

I hope to pop along, no idea what time mind.

I might turn up Lebanese/Ace around 7-8pm.

I’ll be there of course! :smiley:

think you should put this on the going out post.not the ride out and meet post,fecking highjacker;)

im going, see you there, may be a bit late…:slight_smile:

oh dear i felt few spots of rain…wont be out now…hehehehe BORROX!! only joking:D

make ya right mate:P:D


I’ll be there around 11pm!!:smiley: