Anyone going, and if so, what time do you think you’ll be there

I’ll be there just after 6ish… Saw you Sunday with your parents Dawn, then Kev came in was good to see him not seen him in a long time.

im going, 6.30, be there or be square!:smiley:

I’ll be there from about 7ish! :smiley:

I dont think I’ll make it this evening, I’m playing footie after work and I’ll be shattered after that!

All depends if there are queue’s on the A40 at hangar lane, if there are no queues, I’ll try to stop in for a scran :slight_smile:

Gonna try and get out of work at a reasonable hour and come along :slight_smile:


wont be able to make it, got gym and bedroom plans…:stuck_out_tongue:

OOH Stace bugger the gym just hit the bedroom!:w00t::wink:

+1 (if i had the chance, or a man:(:ermm:)

Would come down… but a broken finger with a wire placed through it, is stopping me go on the bike for the next 4 weeks!!! :w00t::w00t:

i might pop down, depends what time i finish work!

fishing for sympathy…hahahaha lmao:Whistling:

Don’t you girls just need a few battery’s:w00t: Not gonna make it tonight, i too have the gym to go to for a couple of hours.

Can i volunteer??