Anyone going?

I’m bikeless until tomorrow. I might come and represent the car and van club though :slight_smile:

I’m going to ACE, I have a GSXR Relentless and a red Dianese suit if you want to come over and say hello!



i might venture over and get away from all the kids trick or treating,

will be on black gixxer with rst leathers on and matching lid (me that is not the bike):slight_smile:

+1 if it is as cold as it was earlier

nope, im out for dinner with a fine young blonde lady :wink:

taking the barbie doll out again? didn’t your parents tell you to leave the toys at home steve?:stuck_out_tongue:

nope, and a few people have already met her, so shes definately real and not just me dreaming :smiley:

is she swedish;)

Hi. I said Hello to you and your girlf a little later at the Esso Service Station. Think you were having trouble withdrawing cash at the cash point lol…hope we didnt all put you off in our work wear! lol…

Drove past a couple of times on the rounds. It looked busy for a cold Friday night at the Ace. Was impressed. Wished I was there!