who!s going;)

Not me, will be out in london though for a few drinks at a bar just up the road from Frith so if you end up going there I might nip down and say hello :smiley:

i will be there after ive been for a drink with a potential date.:smiley:

Not me, I’ll be in France

Hope all goes well;)

thankyou, and he is a biker and has a speedtriple 1050:w00t:

Remember, I wanna know where he works :wink:

Excellent - remember that Triumph riders have better sex!:slight_smile:

Is that because they’re more grateful for getting there at all ? :stuck_out_tongue:

We get there quite nicely, thank you:)

Nope it’s because Triumphs spend more time back at the dealers and there is nothing else to!!:smiley:

will be there but not all night, might go for a ride if the weathers right

Am out on Day release this weekend :w00t::w00t::w00t:Am coming out to play:D:D:D:D:D. I 'll see you guys at the ACE this evening

Will be there later

Going straight from work so earlier than normal for me.

i know i asked him if he knows you, but he said no.:slight_smile:

Not us :frowning: Too much going on at the min, hopefully next week :cool:

I believe they do :wink:

I’ll try and be out tonight and PJ, I have that little pressie for you :w00t: :kiss:

I’m not going to disagree there :Whistling:
Just make sure he doesn’t let the side down Westie :wink:

Ohhhh yes we do :w00t: :smiley:

Ohhhh no you don’t! :w00t: