who"s going,:slight_smile:

Time permitting :smiley: or straight to Poppins if not :wink:

Got a map etc for you Tug, not for finding the Ace :smiley:

nope…gots chain problems, and i woke up in a bit of a state this morning…eyes like pissholes in teh snow:D:w00t:

going out for a blast now and depending on how i’m feelin’ I might pop along about 8ish…

Grim - would be good to meet ahead of the IOM… :slight_smile:

Don’t think it’ll be a late one though, the missus will **** a brick…

see you down there Tug! Off out now but will at the ace round 8ish?? :smiley:

will be there by 8

well i want to come with my little boy in the car. how easy is it to find car parking space there ?

You need to fill in an application form for the LB Car & Van Club when you get there:P:D

Do i make the check payable to you :P:hehe::hehe::hehe:

All cheques payable to : Chunky’s Ace Special Hospitality or C.A.S.H;):smiley:

Might go sunday

Hopeful of being up their tonight, should be about 8.30 ish.