Hi guys,

I’m going to the Ace between 6-8pm tonight. If your about pop down, if not no worries.

Hope to see you there

Any particular night at ace tonight? Try and get Tel to come down if he’s not doing his guitar lessons.

Bristol for the next few days guys - work calls.

Gotta save up for Ohlins shock & new tyres mmmmm

Don’t think so, I’m gonna ask Tel to come down so he should be along. My mate Reg is coming as well and I think Supermo-perv as well.

Yea I’ll be up there about that time with about 4 mates… If I see ya I’ll holler, and likewise!


Going to be there around 8-9. If you see a tatty red CBR6RR and pink hair come & say hello.

Lots of us going tonight by the sounds of things.

Yep I will be there!

See you all there about 9pm.

I was there on Wednesday but i arrived at 8:30. I will be there tonight about 7ish.

Yep should be there weather permitting

Was good to put some faces to names at last (and then forget what names go with what face…) Saw the back of Jay’s head briefly at one point but forgot to nab some stickers doh!