Ace toy run

Anyone going this Sunday? Was a great day last year.


Toy run?



Xmas Toy Run. Prize For best ‘Dressed’ Bike

Visits to 3 London (childrens wards) hospitals, starting at the Ace and escorted through town, there and back, by Police. Bring along a wrapped pressie, which are put into a van and taken onto the wards by Santa (not the real one obviously, but then again some still believe . Dress yourself and your bike as you like, I know a few of you are partial to the odd christmas dec as I saw the helmet designs, left over from the party, at the ace on Sunday


For some reason, I’ve always wanted to ride around as santa… don’t ask me why. This could be a nice thing to do! Children get a rough time of it when they’re away from home at Christmas (unless they’re in ibiza).


If I get this all too familiar puncture sorted by then, I might be up for it.

Sounds good I will make it the TZR250s last road trip before I rip it apart

On toys runs I have done before we could not give soft fluffy toys is that the case for this one ???

What toys can you buy, and how many should you?

Morning Jay, you can buy as many/what you want. generally people take 1 wrapped present, there was a van full last year. You need to make sure you mark it for example: Boy, age 12, or whatever so they know who it is suitable for.

I must admit this does not seem to have been as well advertised as last year. I think I have pics from last year somewhere, I will have a look and post them if i can find them!


Can’t find mine but google found these

As much as I dislike children (sorry if anybody had me pegged as the future mother of his children… ), this looks like a good thing to do! Even better, imho, would be one for the oldies, as children in hospitals usually have their nearest and dearest with them, but the oldies are left forgotten in hospitals and nursing homes, while their children jet off to Ibiza.

I’ll be buying a little girl a present on Saturday. Now, where did I put the Santa’s little helper outfit? Next to the French maid one, behind the nurse’s outfit?

Sorry cant make it OFF to Ibiza

It will be a fab day out round up the troops I am going to buy my decorations now

I am up for this… just tell me where to be, what to bring and what time…

see you there!

If only we had the LB T-shirts to throw on top…as not all of us have Santa outfits!

Sounds like I have to be there!

Hi really sorry cant make it,will try & sort out getting a pressie sent 2 the ace 4 it though such a an excellant idea!

Cool, looks like a few of us then The run (as far as I can make out from the Ace website) starts at 11, so a 10-10.30 meet? I am not to sure who everyone is yet either so a means of ID would be good for me

Well Jono, you know me, and I know some of the others, so we’ll have a nice little LB gathering there! Do you peeps still have the badges, as this would be good as an ID? 10-10.30 sounds good so we can have a chat first. Come on, Cezar, time to make an appearance at the Ace! Now, which one of your many bikes will it be!

whats the gift policy?

no soft toys, wrapped marked boys/girls gift? marked with age range?


GoF, as far as I know you can take soft toys, but don’t quote me, I can’t see a reason why not. And yeah, marked boy/girl age.

Anyone find any more info on this day? The Ace site lists it but I can’t see any info

I just called them up, but the girl had the fliers downstairs. Will call them tomorrow, and hopefully get confirmation, as she said:

  1. Departure 10.30am (the website says 11am).
  2. Soft toys are OK, but sweets etc are not.
  3. Presents need to be wrapped.
  4. You need to mark the gender and age on the present.

Now, I’ll be buying for a little girl of, say, 6. What to get, as all I ever got (and asked for) were books, but perhaps the normal children want other things?

Saw this on the Argos site, quite cool: