Cmon bitches, I AM GOING, RAIN OR SHINE as i want to test me new rukka:w00t:
Cum for a cuppa and chinwag! :slight_smile:

I got a cold in my dose…

After the trouble you caused by saying you were going to the Ace on Monday, you’re going again!!:w00t:

I’ll be there. :slight_smile:

i said i May go, and i had a cold anyhoo`s lol

and where were you?!:wink:

i thought you would have gone to BH :slight_smile:

I might pop along, but I’m still on foot. :frowning:

See you in a bit Westie, I’ve just got home from work, need a wee and swap vehicles :smiley:

why is there a problem with the Micra :D:D

ollox you tart, we rode all the way over there on Mondasy to see you and you blew us out and never turned up, so we defff aint going tonight in the rain

Nah changing the Jag for the Renault :stuck_out_tongue:

Westie - do one!