Ace tonight

Anyone going? Can’t make my mind up if I’m heading up as I’m working from Epsom today…

Nice evening , will be busy ! :smiley:

A few of us should be going :slight_smile:

Might be time to break out the LB jumper! :smiley:

Im going if only to get them chips off JC that he owes me…

I might come along - rode past it a few times, but never actually been in or stopped.

n00b alert :blush:

We’re not going until tomorrow.

Whats happening Tomorrow?

come tonight too, Ive not seen either jets for a while!!!

We’re saving ourselves for you on the Hun ride:D

Whooop Whooop

I can only afford one portion , so you will have to share !

what time are peeps heading up there ?

I dont fucking share…

Im getting up there around half six steve possibly a bit later…

i might be there…:smiley:

Nope am going swimming instead :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

I’m leaving epsom in the next 20-30 mins…

Remember what I said earlier…??

You dont want your prince Albert stuck in the scaffolding ?

I only promised him he could touch it through my jeans…