Ace tonight?

Anyone thinking of heading up?

I’m in London Bridge today so fancy a quick ride up there and then to whichever tea hut? :smiley:

BBC weather says it will be sunny intervals for the rest of the day…

Was just about to put a similar thread up, albeit Blackheath :stuck_out_tongue:

Think Captain_Slow and Flipper were planning on Ace then Frith street this evening. Anyone else coming?

Think I’ll see what the weather is doing a bit later! Don’t wanna get caught out in the rain! :slight_smile:

We’ll post the Wembley weather situation later if that helps:D

shall be there:)

Have you got a bike again?:):slight_smile:

not yet still in van and car club…but not for to long :smiley:

yer we are doing that and few other people aswel

you coming up?

Want to feel your beard against my cheek again :w00t:

good that I didn’t shave yesterday then.
Shall I rub a bit harder then tonight? :w00t:

of course i like the ruff stuff

and after flippers soft and delicant touch last night need to mix it up abit :slight_smile:

How did i know you were going to drag me into your perverted game? eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

Because i know it makes you hot and horny :wink:

Weather is fine… :slight_smile:

Leaving the office around 5.30… be at the ace sometime after 6.15 roughly I guess!

See ya all laterz…

OK Wembley Weather Watch:

The sun is shining and the roads are dry.

Beware stretch limos full of screaming (older) women as Take That are playing at the stadium yet again.


Sounds like an invitation to throw tomatoes at them when riding past :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyone has tomatoes? I don’t…

Will be at Ace fairly late, will be home ~7, leave 7:30 latest probably, so around ~8 will arrive.
Unless ye all F’ed off by then already, I’ll meet you there


Last Friday it was murder trying to get up to the Ace… Why oh why do ageing infantile pop bands think it’s ok to have concerts for ovulating teenagers and menopausal middle aged women…

Ok, I’m getting my battle gear on… it’s going to be a fun ride up there!!!


only reason

Tomorrow is the last night. It’s been on for about 10 days:w00t:

9 days too long in my opinion… :smiley:

I think you mean 10… :stuck_out_tongue: