Ace Tonight???

anybody going?

I may see you there Mr Slow. It depends if I get all my s**t done during the day.

dont forget to wipe :wink:

got to, meeting a couple of friends there tonight. see you later.

I thought you were going to lick it off :crying: lol.

Give me a text when you get there.

is it the 6pm event ? if so i will be there if anyone sees me or my bike feel free to say hi :slight_smile:

hey just got in from ride with mates am cold and hungry will give it a miss tonight going to eat and xbox it up
have a guddun guys and gals x

I’m out. sipping a vodka now and going to bed early. longest day ever that started at 8am cutting wet trees down in 2deg weather :crying:

just got in from ace so bloody cold but was a good night,nice selection of bikes. did anyone see those chavs wheeling on their scooters argh i wanted to put a stick in the front wheel was getting annoying lol.

leave the kids alone,
they were better than the guy with the gixxer anyway, LOL :smiley: