ace tonight?



Wot time?:discuss:

dunno…what time you bowling up there ?:discuss:(btw…first time ever ive used that icon)


Me about 8

Would be nice but work here has gone crazy:crazy: It’s been one very busy week and looks like i’ll be here until late evening, so no play for me tonight as i’ll be fecking knackered:D

I sooooooo wish i could come to this tonight… Am out getting bladdered with the instructors tonight though :D:D

Post this again next week… pleeeeaaaase :D:D

Might come…can bring leather cleaner!

Ill have two if you got some alex

Not me, I’ll be on my way to my second trackday this week :stuck_out_tongue: Pembrey here I come :w00t::slight_smile:

of course :slight_smile:

I’m aiming for six-ish!:cool:

We probably are :slight_smile:

Posh show-off:D

Hiya Jets’, how’s the legs? are you going to be fighting fit for the run this coming Sunday?:slight_smile:

Not sure about fit but will fight the basta*d if we find him:D The ride is still on.

Hope you all have fun at the Ace tonight, but as usual we won’t make it there :rolleyes:

we might be later, depending how long it takes us to ride round dropping a few bits off

Good lilttle track pembrey…

a friend can do it in 59 seconds the quick bastid…my best is 1.04.:slight_smile:

Have fun and watchout for that nasty hairpin…

Ok we are calling a FNR tonight, we will leave at 8pm that gives you a bit longer to fight your way through traffic to the Ace.

See you later :slight_smile:

Me i’m coming the Ace woohoo:D

I wanted to see you too Wasp remind you that I am coming down on tuesday, but I can’t make it tonight, too worn out, just when the bike is running really nice after a dyno run, new chain sprocket and new tyres.

Probably want to scrub them in a bit more before a friday night ride out with the lunatic fringe though. Michelin Pilot 2 CT’s, can feel how much better they are now and they not even scrubbed in, almost pulled a wheelie in 2nd without even trying when entering the M11 earlier today, was quite shocked how much a little Dyno and ECU setup can change the power delivery.