Ace Tonight

Is anybody up ace tonight.

Sorry bud, opposite end of town for me so no.

Not for me im afraid, ive got plans.:slight_smile:


Dirty boy…

Not us, we also have p-l-a-n-s but not with Westie :wink:

OH HA HA, hehe i havent seen my other half since tuesday!:smiley:

yep, most prob

As said, other plans. But may make an appearance at Frith on the way home if anyone’s going? :smiley:

Where is this place you call the Ace . . . :w00t: ? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s been so long I think I’ve forgotten :pinch:

Not me tonight

Almost certainly, but not till 8ish. I’ll be the one looking very lost and nervous about being there on my own. :wink:

i’ll be there!!!


:smiley: …nice to see you again :smiley:

we went to frith and the square but didn’t see you ???

That’s ok… I am sure someone else did… May be from the queer quire he goes to… :wink:

I was working… was at leicester square at 12ish and later Fifth Steet… Gutted i wasnt there :frowning: