Ace tonight?

Hey who’s going to The ace later on?

Weather dependant as always i should be there :wink:

Me. Me meee meeeee meeeeeeee.:smiley:

I may be there a little bit later after I have had me wisdom tooth yanked out, will most likely be in the cage though :frowning:

Weather dependant, if it’s raining I’ll be in the cage about 19.30, if dry, on the bike about 18.00

I’ll be there, depending on weather will depend on what :smiley:

For a start it will depend on whether Ash comes along hahaha

i’m off to Ibiza at silly o clock in the morning so packing and an early night for me

I say, going to parrrtay with the gay boys are we Shezza?:stuck_out_tongue:

That’s a bit of a homophobic remark Westie. :wink:

I’ll be there…can’t wait to finish work and jump on the bike :slight_smile:

P.s. enjoy Ibiza Sherry :wink:

Im there… Dunno what time tho :confused:

Trackday Junkie (26/06/2009)

That’s a bit of a homophobic remark Westie. ;)[/quote

hardly lol. Shut it sausage fingers

It’s worth a try :w00t: