Ace tonight...

come on then who is out later? me me me!! weather looks ok, but im not doing a rideout just a catch up over a cuppa :slight_smile:

is that tea and fairy cakes on the menu chuck ? :slight_smile:

Steering clear of it this weekend as it’s going to be manic, people were already camping on Wednesday so god knows what it’ll be like by tonight.

Will give the ace a go later but if it’s too busy then I’ll bugger off somewhere else :slight_smile: I couldn’t beleive the people camping the other day, right next to the north circ!!!

oh lord, i forgot about that… hmm blackheath teahut instead?:slight_smile:

I’ll come down for a bit.

Oh will you now!!!

I was going to head there tonight but what is all this about camping and loads of people there?

It’s their 70th anniversary + Brighton Burn Up… MENTAL!! :w00t::smiley:

It’s the Ace Cafe Reunion weekend and also their 70th Anniversary so it will be VERY busy, people were camping on the grass verge opposite on wednesday!!!

i say steve, or should i say Mr hoofy…:stuck_out_tongue:


I may pop along just to see how busy it is and then head somewhere else.

Any thoughts as to where to go for a chat and a coffee?

We need to do something…

I don’t get how they work that out. There was no Ace Cafe for 30 of those 70 years:w00t::D:D:D

Agreed and the weather looks good for tonight. So where we going for a chat and a coffee? Anyone!

The building has stood on that spot for all of those 70 years so I suppose that’s good enough :stuck_out_tongue:

30 years? whats a mere 30 years…:smiley:

The tea was better when it was a tyre depot;):D:D:D


But the stunting is way better now:w00t: