Ace tonight

Anyone coming? :slight_smile:

Yup, ill be there round 7 or 8 for route 22 :slight_smile:

Always there, my 2nd home :smiley: Am meant to be leading route 22!!!

awesome :wink: didnt realise that rideout went from the Ace - thanks for letting me know :wink: i wont be going on the ride so this post is for those that want to chill and have some tea :slight_smile:

ohhh i wanna chill and have a tea!!! unfortunatly i think i have to go to a pub in victoria tonight:pinch:

What? No cake?;):smiley:

Sweet … I’ll be up for the ace and subsequent rideout, providing rain clears up :w00t:


Your a bit behind, the chill out and drink tea non ride out was last friday :stuck_out_tongue:

working again :crying:

anyone got any vacancies that DONT involve nights :slight_smile:

transport/manager stuff, long shot I know :slight_smile:

Im used to that - never was a very good leader :slight_smile: Still - I get there in the end ;)And Andy - Ive got a peanut butter and jam sarnie so NER!

actually yes quite possibly!


I’ll likely go tonight. Was planning to stay home, drink and watch tv by myself but guess I can do that another time.

No. :angry:

Thats it, no battenburg for you missy:P:cool:



And what fun it was :cool:

Please do - would be good to see you - want to meet and ride up together?! :smiley: