ace tonight

Hey there all, is anyone coming to the Ace tonight? im arriving on my vespa as im bikeless till Monday! ha ha.

Not on the bike today mate otherwise we would have! When we left home this morning it was tipping it down with rain!

If weather is ok, am considering going tomorrow night (first timer &nbsp

Not tonight got things planned

Does it involve a lovenasium? Or something equally suspect and designed by a yellow jacketed figure of fun by any chance?

wish i had plans like that loopy!!!…lololol

im gonna be at frith tonoght and then the square so see all the regulars there then…

ive even heard on the grapevine that the bridge is back on…hhmmm might check it out…


oh no

wish i could come out tonight but still a sick little pup so i am grounded again!

ohhh lil kimmy…hope you get better soon hun…

i would come around and mop your brow mate …but i dont wanna catch what you’ve got…


I’ve heard that as it’s got colder and wetter the wardens aren’t appearing - certainly not late on anyway. However i’d still be carefull and cover your plate just in case they are sitting in the warm watching on CCTV…

Yellow bundle of fun

I’ll be out and about as always, but at Frith, etc rather than the Ace. Great news about the bridge btw, might check that out!

hey riz!!!

see ya tonight!!!

im gonna check out the bridge too…


I am not that bad a catch thanks Smiled, AJ will testify - hopefully!!!

i shall b going to the ace for a while and frith st if i can find it lol maybe c u there later getting to ace about 6.30 7

Babes, I think Smiled was talking about my cold.


Yep but you still haven’t backed me up babes??


Kwaked is not such a bad catch!

Kwaked - I just figured Smiled would not be interested!

AJ…have i missed somthing here?

ohh…the pain of thought!!!