Ace Tonight ?

Who,s out to play ??

7.00-7.30pm !!

maybe a bit later - will see

but ride out tomorrow with CBR forum and it starts at 9.30…

indeed, i washed my jacket especially

About time…I saw that thing running around the Cubana Carpark on its own !!!

i know, any worse i could use it as auto pilot


just off out for a blast then I’ll be up the Ace later, say about 7-8pm.

See you there ?


Me and Karen will be there

Keep an eye out for any road kill terry that needs any assistance

Just wait till u arrive!

i apologised in the original thread dude…

What a carry on !!!

LB’s very own Rolf Harris !!!



:falls off chair:

Good to see everyone tonight…

havent been to the ace in a while so it was good!!!

Right off to bed for my seven am start tomorrow morning!!

see everyone on Sunday

can ya guess what it was yet…

I am gonna kick ya fooking head in when I see you at the SB!

who says im going??? so looks like you may have to wait, but come on tezza thats a good one you have to admit…

just tryin to picture it Tel, am i close???



lite the blue touch paper and stand back






thats quite an upsetting image.