ace tonight

ill be popping dwn after work, anyone wana join me?!?

what time will you be there? I could be tempted

Sammy’s working late tonight, so may pop down for a bite or something. What time you talking about?

Will be down there around 7pm hopefully. Pop over and say Hi, will probably be somewhere near Sherrie.

Thanks - Sunny.

I’ll probably make it down for around 6. I’ll be the tubby tattooed bloke on the red Blackbird.

i think i’ll pottle on down there too…could do with the ride…and would be good to put a face to the name overboost…


Nick - I’ll look out for you bruv. I’ll be the asain dude with the blue R1 wearing the Repsol jacket. Pop over if you see me dude.

Smiled - Yes mate…deffo come down pal. Sherrie knows you now so I am sure she’ll point you out otherwise just come right over fella. Will be ace to meet up with you.

See you lot there.


im there steve but u knew that as i just text ya

Will pop down later - see those who are still there

Wotcha, Graham. I was down there last night with some of the SOC crowd. Didn’t see you, did you give it a miss in the end? Or did we just miss each other?

Ill be ther but im always there

Yes we were there - you nodded back at me when i popped over to say Hello

I had defected to the LB table

Ah sorry mate. I had you mixed up with the other Grimbusa
I’ll get me coat . . .

Was a great night down at the Ace, Alex (a.k.a stuntin god ) turned up I have no idea how he can do the things he does on that R1 but his 50mph endos into on coming traffic helped make for a great night

You bad boy (& girl)…lol

So you was jollying eh Grim ?

Is there more than one of me then - cant have that - i will have them removed from all forums immediately

Yes slightly awkward -waiting to be beaten by the SOC naughty stick again - mind you I do enjoy it

might come on my new bike