Ace Tonight?

Anybody going tonight?

am debating wether to go or not! had a monster hangover all day! woke up this morning with bruised ribs, a grazed knee,grazed elbow and a battered nose?? squaddies, beer and gladiator pugle stick thingy’s dont mix well??

Will be there from around 6.30

i’ll b ther about 8

nah tryin to rustle up a ride out to the countryside ace is getin poop and ya cant even get a drink, any one wanna ride the rubber road of freedom??? pm me

Nah…**** it …anyone wanna late bbq and a drink at mine ?

Phone me !

define late

now till late…i have a party going on…16th !!!

How late and where?

late late…my daughters 16th…shes really 28 (way she disses her dad) see the flatster for directions…larging it !!!

hic !

whats the plan barro??

the plan is …bbq out the back with a sheet load of hot hot hot …looking 16-19yrs that tell me fook off grandad…i dont care…its already rocking !

wow…pass the binoculars !!!..byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…

i cant remeber that was weeks ago…

bell ya in a bit


it’s 8pm now, just got in from work, gonna pop down for a pint or 2 then see how the night pans out?

See you there?

AWW…miss out again !!! I better hurry up and get myself back on the road…im missing all the fun !!

And I read this now?!?!?!

I went down in a car parked it up on the side of the road and watched all the fun burnout, stoppie and wheelie by, there was a guy pretending to be drunk and playing the fool stopping and blocking other road users he got chased by an Ace marshel and hitched a ride on a Royal mail van he acted the arse but was so funny all at the same time

Police rolled on by once or twice not really do anything more than getting the 3 guys doing burnouts to stop the smoke was so thick you could of cut it with a blade.

Only thing that shocked me was the number of fine women that turned up Damn they looked good, Still can’t belive their boyfriends are fully geared up and they are just in a skirt and bikini type top if they had the smallest of off’s she would be finished.
One girl even came in or at least road around the Ace pillion an lidless

All in all it was one of the best nights I have ever had there… Bikes, babes and BHP

how come i missed u lot? i was there from about 7 till 9

Was a good night, Shame about the Guy in the Stolen Car, pissin oil fluid and coolant all over the floor after a tedious amout of tyre smokin,

I go to see the lads on bikes stunt not people gettin run over. Good night all the same though!