ace tonight!!whos going????

was just wondering as i maywell pop in for a cuper i will have my kids with me as its my sons birthday…so no rideing for me!!boohoo…

good morning annie will see u later for a right girly timeXXX
morning debs…hows it going?//???


Most of us will be there as usual.

great stuff i will be there for munchies and some food>>LOL.xx

yea count me in… i have ******** all else to do ,

not for me tonight im working but if im around i may pop in with my truck lol

I’ll be there On Debz Bandit as it’s Bandit night. Might even take Debz

So Debz is taking the bandit and the bike wooohoooo

Hey Gina and LB’s another day and missed the show ! Enjoy the cafe all ,

see you later Gina,

LOL Ann x

Might not be able to make it now as i have to pop out to see a mate, but if i can i`ll pop in.

We’ll both be on one bike as Debz is building up the riding slowly but surely

Yep I know

and now it’s raining GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR … blinking weather!

Shhhh! It’s dry here

lol it’s not dry at the Ace…

Gawd, it’s throwing it down atm.

me and the Missus will be there bout 7/7.30 ish

what time are ppl gettin there???

it’s bloody peeing down

I know

we was there when the rain started around 6ish!!! my god did it open up

good job i had the van as christof then threw the bike in the back!!and away we whent!!!

hope the rest of you had a good eve???

Yep, lovely and warm in front of the tv with kids harrassing me.