The weather is pants but what the heck:D

I hope to be there so long as it doesn’t rain :stuck_out_tongue:

I can cope with getting wet on the way home but not on the way there.

It’s raining in Wembley now - do you want us to keep you posted PJ?:slight_smile:

sounds like a plan

Thats very kind of you, thanks.

4.35 pm - Sunny now:w00t:

16.57 and pouring again in Ealing… :smiley:

dry just off Portobello Road as i type this

DOORLOCKS!!! it’s now raining :frowning:

Sunny in streatham

Wembley on/off showers, still :doze:

Not looking good then is it:ermm:

Update for PJ

bloody rainning in canary wharf dnt look good :angry:

and its clear again i wish the weather would make its mind up grrr :crazy:

Come on guys this is the UK not the costa plonka :):):slight_smile:

We’re giving up being weather reporters - it’s too changeable:w00t::w00t:

30 mins update: still sunny in canary wharf :smiley:

Behave Tim - we don’t want a slap from PJ:P