Ace tonight (24th nov)

Anyone around tonight? I’m going to head up for a bit straight after work so will be there from about 6:30 ish.


Me & Tug14 will be up there, were both on a day off, & out avin a play all day

Is this another one of those cruel joke threads - get me to drive all the way to the Ace to drink tea on my own

Seriously - was thinking of a visit but wouldnt be until later on due to work

going to speak with the wife but I’m hoping to stay until around 8ish… permission standing!


i should be around tonight! depends on what time i get home and this poxy armourer pulling he’s head out of his arse and sorting my weapon out!!!

Ill be there some time tonight its Friday where else would I go

Will be in area, but I’ll be down a little later (poss 10:30ish)… hope to see some of you there.

For those who don’t have a garage at home, don’t forget to make sure there’s somewhere soft for your bike(s) to land, according to weather reports we’re in for a storm overnight :S

bluddy hell mate…your using a wepon?

are you sure you remember your NSP’s?

im soooo glad im not around you…coms man with a fire arm…what ever next?.

will be at frith later…


I should be around need to swing by hammersmith to deliver a secret spy package. Matt will bell you when I get lost and let you and your sat nav come and rescue me

no probs… except the wife has the sat nav today! Can meet you at White City if you want?


I’ll be htere about 7pm ish.

see you there

All sing:

  1. um an armourer

  2. um an armourer

  3. um an armourer

Is it outsourced to serco or is it a service techy who’s mashed it?

civvies in this armoury(not serco though)!!! been firing all morning, then went to sign out extra mags/bayonet/cleaning kit etc and they reckoned i had to hand it in for two hours so they could check it!!! do those pillocks not realise its a friday?

smiled were more trusted with weapons rather than those carrot crunchers in the DandD’s you where with

no plans tonight so going to hop on the bike an head down there now. Hopefully bump into one or two LBs.

Just got home!! Excellent fun sliding around the wet roads in me car

Nice to see you all

sorry i couldnt comre and play tonight, the bikes front wheel is being balanced so best not to ride it till tommorrow!! maybe see ya sunday?