Ace Tonight 06th Jan


I haven’t been out on my bike properly for over a week now so anybody fancy a brew at the Ace this evening?

i cant honey sorry got plans to have a night in cos weather is crap too!

Sorry - would’a shared a coffee but my partner is off to the states tomoz for 3 months (eeek!) I had just better stay in and pay her loads of attention - or be (quite rightly) brutalised!

Have to fill three months though… looking after her bikes (900 Divvie and 918 Fireblade! Woo Hoo! )

so it looks like its just me and you re our conversation

Just the 2 of us hun - just getting ready toleave. See you at 7pm.

Oh i see, you only go to the Ace when i can`t go.

I think the weather is gonna be pants all weekend!