Ace tonight 06.06

Anyone going tonight, should be there by 6.30ish!

Might get in later- supposed to be in Holborn at 7:30

will probably make an appearance. :smiley:

I’ll be there :slight_smile:

Not sure what time, but I’ll be there.

I’ll be there :slight_smile:

Thinking of going but I don’t want to sit in the ace, I think I will do a route # ride :w00t:

What time Ang? I’ll join you…if I get there early enough

i’d like to join for this if its ok?, whats the route?

(i like the ace but i like riding even more so ill pop in for a quick coke and then ride?)

Might be up for route #36 or coastal run.:smiley:

Hi guys n gals. Where can I view these afore mentioned #numbered rides? Is there a PDF / linky ?

I was looking out for a ride, hence being on the site, but I need to fit it in around my second date with a lady this weekend, so today might be good! :wink:

I’m going Surrey hills green laneing :blush:

I’m going to Portland to go diving. :smiley:

Muff ?

Route #'s are kept quiet until the group is together so as not to let on where a bunch of hooligans (and me) will be heading, but mostly its because it hasn’t been decided yet! lol

With his back… :w00t:

Ill be there from 19h30ish

I will be leaving ace at 7.30 to ride … -> that way, sensible riders welcome… Idiots or people trying to prove a point not welcome :smiley:

Will try to be there before you leave! I vote for route #58!

She said sensible riders - that means not us!:laugh: